We strive to make the best personalised underwear for men and women on the market today. In a nutshell this is what we are about!

At numberpants we want you to know what we are about because we feel this is what makes us special. We are based in the UK. We are THE manufacturer.

When you place your order with numberpants we are making your garment from scratch!. No printing or sticking on after! your garments is made using a super technical machine with thousands of needles all working to make your special personalised garment.

From the yarns on the spools to a fully functional piece of clothing. Everything is made especially for you.

So when you order from us, know you are going to receive a product that is completely unique, designed and manufactured with great care just for you. What other piece of clothing do you have you can say that about?.

From our fantastic knitting technician to our skilled seamstress we all play an important role in making your garment.

This really is a special product.